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Complementarianism, Egalitarianism, and Generating Confusion

Friday, June 8th, 2012 by Dale M. Coulter

Recently I read a string of posts that attempt to update evangelicals on the egalitarian/complementarian debate. As I turned to the most recent post by Joe Carter at The Gospel Coalition, it became clear to me that there are plenty of misconceptions and misperceptions flying around. While I have never met Carter in person, I have appreciated his work at First Things and his stand on various issues, and have had several positive email exchanges. With that being said, I think he gets a lot wrong on the nature of the debate and perpetuates common mistakes that seem to be taken for “truisms” by folks. While it is no surprise that he thinks complementarians are winning the debate, even this conclusion rests on misperceptions about the evangelical world.

Let me illustrate what I mean by responding to just three points Carter makes or reiterates from other bloggers.

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