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Rob Bell, Discipleship, and the Matrix

Friday, March 18th, 2011 by Dale M. Coulter

The book is out, and I read it; or, rather, I skimmed it at Books-a-Million tonight in about 20 minutes. I would not pay retail, or even half of retail through Amazon, for a book that requires so little to digest. Although I have nothing to confirm this hunch, the book feels like it was a series delivered orally and then transcribed into a manuscript, which is to say, this is not really a book. It is, however, Rob Bell at what he seems to do best: communicate with rhetorical flair to get folks pondering issues and contemplating questions.

Is it theology? Not really. If theology is akin to meat and potatoes, then this book is more like a light salad, a mix of greens with a dash of spice and a little vinaigrette for flavor. I feel somewhat confident with the thought that Harper must have pulled out all the punches to get the final product at over 200 pages. The font is larger and there is a space between each paragraph. If you reduced the book to a typed manuscript, my hunch—again, only a hunch—is that it would be no more than 40 pages, or the equivalent of two 20-page papers. So, all in all, light reading that requires only that the reader skim to get the main points that fall here and there, like slivers of carrots laced throughout the greens. The greens themselves are the steady diet of questions that Bells throws out. In short, theology, it’s not.

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