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A Word in Due Season

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 by James Flynn

I remember getting the call at about nine-thirty in the evening as I was easing into a night at home with my family. I had done John and Sally’s wedding a few years back. Several months earlier, we had gotten the wonderful news that they were expecting a baby. The voice on the other end of the phone this particular evening was John’s mother—Sally had gone into labor unexpectedly and was at the hospital. John’s mom sounded frantic. She asked if I would pray and come to the hospital and wait with them for the outcome. Sally’s pregnancy was about twenty-five weeks along—past the point of viability but in a dangerous zone that meant this baby would be in for the battle of its tiny life. I rushed down to hospital, and the baby was born about three hours later. That night I was introduced to the wonders of neonatal medicine, the pediatric intensive care unit, and the world of trouble that can surround a premature birth.

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Child-like Faith

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 by James Flynn

Preachers usually remember their first sermon. Many of our audiences won’t forget them, either. For those of us called to preach, our first sermon is like our first kiss—we remember the place, time, sights, sounds, and even the smell. I gave my first sermon in 1975 in a small church a few miles from my house. I was a gangly teenager and had just made a commitment to Jesus Christ six months before.

I decided to visit that small church on the corner to check things out and see if the people there were crazy, as others had told me. I figured I had nothing to lose. My parents already thought I was crazy as a sixteen-year-old to be studying the Bible so much instead of partying with my friends like a “normal” teenager. Besides, the pastor’s daughter was cute, and the pastor was known for stirring things up with his unorthodox style of preaching. If nothing else, the visit would be entertaining, and who knew if I might get a date with the pastor’s daughter?

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The Road Less Traveled

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 by James Flynn

The incarnation of God as man in Jesus Christ has captivated me for the last twenty-five years. Some truths from Scripture seem to overtake you and never leave you alone again. I stand amazed at the willingness of God to clothe His only Son with human flesh in order to bring salvation to the world. I am in awe that God’s plan involved a young, unmarried woman by the name of Mary from a little town on a hill in a country no bigger than the state of New Jersey. I marvel that God was unwilling to send just words but that He sent the Word Himself—a person.

So, how does this and how should this notion affect our preaching?

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