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Busyness as Usual?

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 by James Flynn

When you look around at the state of the world do you ever get this scary feeling that the sky is falling?  In my lifetime, I cannot remember a time when so many things seem to be going wrong at the same time.  As I write this blog, there is an environmental disaster of biblical proportions occurring in the Gulf of Mexico, the worst economy since the Great Depression, our country is involved in two wars, and there seems to be a vacuum of leadership in our nation’s capital. The news seems to be dim right now, but it is important to remember that God has always used the toughest times in any nation’s history to prove that He is God, and that all comfort, security, and wisdom ultimately rests in Him.   Further, it is the church that has the power of God at its disposal to effect real “change you can believe in,” through the transformative power of His word.  God has always been in the business of changing nations, but it has always started in people’s hearts one-by-one. Read the rest of this entry »

How the Gulf Oil Spill Has Gotten Our Attention: What Might God Be Trying to Teach Us? (Part 2)

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 by Diane Chandler

My blog last week focused on the tragic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and raised the issue of a thoughtful Christian response to this environmental disaster.  Progress to date on the spill?  Since last week, a containment cap is collecting the oil and pumping it to a ship.  However though it appears the oil is being collected, oil is still spewing, while indeterminable patches of oil are causing increasing damage to wildlife and coastal ecosystems.  Plans are underway to replace the containment cap within the next month or so with a larger one that will collect more oil.  Yes, progress is being made, but it is agonizingly slow.

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How the Gulf Oil Spill Has Gotten My Attention: What Might God Be Trying to Teach Us?

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010 by Diane Chandler

Photo of Oil Rig Explosion, National Geographic

Like you, I’ve been concerned about the spewing of millions of gallons of oil 5,000 feet beneath the water’s surface into the Gulf of Mexico. This oil spill, now the largest in US history, will shortly become a death sentence to the flora, fauna, and livelihoods of so many in this region.  Feeling utterly helpless, I’ve been crying out to God that He would provide wisdom to the scientists, engineers, environmental experts, and government officials in a unified tandem to find a workable solution.

My heart sinks every time I read an announcement from BP (British Petroleum) announcing that their most recent plan to halt the spewing has failed.  Since the disastrous oil rig explosion on April 20 that killed 11 rig workers, our country (and others) is being poisoned by this liquid gold.  Between the proposed custom-made “cap” and “top hat” procedures, all have failed.  Predictions reveal that the oil spill is five times greater than first estimated.

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