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The Modern Matrix

Friday, October 22nd, 2010 by Jason Wermuth

This past Wednesday, Apple released and previewed another host of new and amazing products: a new flatter MacBook Air (thinner than an axe blade), a new OS, a new iLife and more… Soon Microsoft will release the Windows Phone 7, and Google will probably release 1000 more Android based phones that can be used as remote controls for their new Google TV. All this new stuff got me to thinking about what it all has to do with the church. In the past 20 years we have seen the church transformed by technology and media. From the introduction of electric guitars and rock themed worship music to the addition of PowerPoint slides to just about every sermon on earth these days (except perhaps the Pope), things change with technology.

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Wii @re Losing r Mind$!

Saturday, May 1st, 2010 by Jason Wermuth

IPhone PhotoAt the risk of destroying this blog before we really get off the ground, I want to address one of the major problems that our culture faces today, namely our addiction to the e-universe (which, ironically, you are engaged in as you read this, and I as I write). In my generation, digital media is our undiagnosed addiction. In fact, most of my friends from high school have hardly ever finished reading a real book but they are on Facebook and YouTube for hours a day (kudos to those of you who are indeed reading right now!). Many of my friends get their news from Comedy Central and would rather watch Family Guy than read a book. Their social interactions and planning take place through Facebook, MySpace and the like. On the positive side, I would actually be hard pressed to keep up with most of my friends anymore except for the glorious invention that is Facebook. With the increasing invasion of digital media into our world, though, comes an increase in the amount of information that we can spoon-feed ourselves with the least amount of brain usage possible.

When I think about my generation, I think about the movie Wall-E (perhaps evidence of my own media addictions?). In this movie, the world is on the brink of collapse and the remaining citizens of Earth cruise around on a giant space-resort where they hover around on floating chairs and are fed like babies. These people become obese and lazy, filled full of the things they all thought they wanted, but they are unfulfilled. When things on the ship begin to go awry, the people are forced to vacate their floating butt-warmers, stand up and walk again, but their muscles have atrophied and it takes them time to get their feet under them. Looking like newborn fawns, they stumble around the ship with their legs quivering. This is actually how I feel when I am separated from my media devices such as my television, MacBook, IPhone etc. I feel paralyzed when my e-mail is not within reach and it is only getting worse with the invention of more wonderfully amazing devices that seemingly make our lives simpler (thank you Apple). With each new mind blowing, life altering device, it becomes harder to do the things that once seemed so natural, like disconnecting from the e-universe and living in real time!

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