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An Urban Cry For Help

Thursday, May 27th, 2010 by Antipas Harris

The urban communities need more than a hand out or a hand up. The old approach of giving money and food to change conditions are just not the appropriate approach for lasting renewal. Urban communities need holistic treatment that includes support, relief, and education (tools) to help urban subjects to lift themselves up from the depravity encumbered upon them. Research shows that the problems are daisy-chained, resulting the proliferated debauchery.

The American Psychological Association reports that “The deepening economic crisis is profoundly impacting children, youth, and families. Its effects are rippling through the multiple contexts in which children and youth are situated. Within the nuclear family stressors such as job loss, home foreclosure, or loss in family savings place strain on parental relationships and on the family as a whole.” The APA indicates that families with extremely low incomes are going without necessities such as shelter, food, and healthcare. The APA anticipates that there will be a decline in higher education among youth, due to the need to secure employment to assist their families. Read the rest of this entry »