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Dem Bones

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 by James Flynn

Is it just me, or can you identify with the long nights that can occur before you preach? In spite of our best efforts to prepare throughout the week for Sunday’s message, there may be those weeks when we still find ourselves up on Saturday, wringing our hands, sweating, and pleading with God. Preaching is one of the most remarkable undertakings any man or woman aspires to in life. Preaching has the power to transform a valley of dry bones into a mighty army. Over the last three decades, I have been privileged to preach in local churches, classrooms, and seminars around the world. I have yet to experience a ministry that is more exhilarating, challenging, or fruitful than preaching. Preaching can change lives, alter destinies, and renew minds. It can bring hope to the hopeless, encouragement to the broken, and light to people who live in darkness. Preaching has the potential to change this generation and to send a legacy into the next. But the call to preach comes with a great personal price tag.

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