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Who Cares about Theology?

Monday, April 12th, 2010 by Wolfgang Vondey

Do you care about theology? Chances are you will say, “it depends.” What your care depends on is not so much whose theology it is, or what it is about, but whether you actually understand it. We care about the things we understand. All to often, we do not care about theology because we do not understand it.

When theology becomes disconnected from our language, our context, our culture, or our experiences, we have difficulties understanding it. We find it difficult to integrate theology into our lives. It seems to be disconnected from reality. The reason for for this dilemma is the way theology is carried out in today’s world. Theology is the prime example of the failure of modernity. Theology has put itself in prison.

Here are the top 5 problems:

  1. Isolated Publics: Theology is carried out in the segregated worlds of the academy, the church, and the public life.
  2. Divided Disciplines: Theology fails to transcend the isolation of biblical, historical, and systematic theological disciplines.
  3. Semantic Segregation: Theology fails to identify itself beyond the confines of science and ethics as a transformative pursuit of the whole person.
  4. Lost Liturgy: Theology cannot integrate thinking, doing, and being into a coherent account of everyday living.
  5. Dead Desires: Theology has lost its passion and desire in the constant battle between the formulations of doctrine and the demands of a relevant praxis.

Don’t get me wrong: we do care about theology. We just do not know how to share our care with one another. What do you think about the fact that academic theologians write books no one reads in the church, the church cares more about its own survival than about the world, and the world cannot find a dialogue partner in the church and academy? How can we bring the academy, the church, and the public life back together? How can we start caring … again … about theology?