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God is Deep: Are You Ready to Go Deeper?

Saturday, May 15th, 2010 by Jason Wermuth

Dr. Charles Fox, Jason Wermuth & Dr. Archie Wright

Last Saturday I participated in the second commencement of my college life, this time walking across the stage to receive my M.A. in Biblical Studies. It was only three years ago that I walked across the same stage at the Regent library square to receive my Bachelor’s degree. The road has been long and filled with ups and downs, but there are few experiences I have enjoyed more than my three years studying in the School of Divinity. That is why graduating is bittersweet.

For the past seven years my identity has been wrapped around being a student, a job that I have thoroughly loved. Soon, my identity will change in that I will no longer be a matriculated student, but there is good news. The good news for anyone feeling like me (probably few) is that we don’t have to stop being students. Part of being a disciple of Christ means always being willing to learn new things and be stretched in ways that hurt but help us to grow. The fact is, the depths of God’s person and glory are infinitely deep. As Christian’s we are all called to be explorers on the search for God. As a student, I was trained to research for myself, to plumb the depths of scripture, tradition, nature, humanity and all of creation to find God in surprising places. It is this mission that I have been trained for: to seek the Father, Son and Holy Spirit wherever I can find him. While I am no longer a professional student, I conclude my seminary training with a new way of thinking and a raging fire to know God more. Whether or not you will ever attend seminary or study theology academically, we as Christians are all called to plumb the depths to find God and to worship him with our whole being. As my life as a seminary student draws to a close and my life as a disciple of Christ just gets roaring, the words of the Psalmist sum up my thoughts about the past three years:
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