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Why are millennials leaving the church? Whose church?

Monday, July 29th, 2013 by Dale M. Coulter

g9510.20_Millennials.CoverAfter seeing it shared more times than I wanted on Facebook, I finally decided to read Rachel Held Evans’ CNN post, even though I’m not that keen on recent efforts to define generations of human beings before they have lived most of their existence. I myself have never really fit the descriptions of Generation X.

At their best such descriptions point one in a direction like someone saying, “have you seen my dog? He’s black and brown and medium-sized.” They give you some generic descriptions, but that’s about it. At their worst, they trade in stereo types or labels that then get perpetuated. “You’re a millennial, Oh, you MUST be like this!” Just ask those who reacted to Joel Stein’s portrait of millennials in TIME.

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