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False advertisement: How NOT to Wear the Label “Christian”

Monday, October 11th, 2010 by Wolfgang Vondey

I work at a “Christian” university. It is difficult to avoid that label; difficult to fail to understand what is intended by that label, since the mission and vision of our university are clearly stated. The history of our school paints in bright colors our commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ and to the responsibility we assume by living our lives as a celebration of that gospel. And yet, there are many days where I am reminded that the label “Christian”¬†does not need to be accepted by all those who are on campus. It makes me wonder what exactly is understood by that label or if it is assumed by all in the first place. I have the feeling that being at a “Christian” community, whether university or church, does not mean the same thing to all. To put it differently, I think the label “Christian” can easily become a case of false advertisement. Read the rest of this entry »