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Retrieving the Past, Forging the Future of Renewal Studies

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 by Dale M. Coulter

Here at Regent School of Divinity our aim is to cultivate a brand of scholarship that consciously interacts with or draws from issues related to the global pentecostal-charismatic movement. We call what we do Renewal studies because we are interested in exploring all dimensions of renewal as a historical, social scientific, and theological phenomenon.

To focus on renewal as a method does not limit us to the study of global pentecostalism because renewal encompasses a broad array of historical phenomena including populist movements, spirituality, periods of renaissance, etc. For more on renewal and what we do at the Regent School of Divinity, go here.

To that end, here are the latest explorations from our faculty. Read the rest of this entry »

For Such a Time as This: Re-Imaging Practical Theology for Independent Pentecostal Churches by Antipas Harris

Sunday, July 11th, 2010 by Wolfgang Vondey

Antipas Harris, For Such a Time as This: Re-Imaging Practical Theology for Independent Pentecostal Churches, The Asbury Theological Seminary Series 1 (Lexington, KY.: Emeth Press, 2010)

The role of culture and biblical hermeneutics is not a new issue within the life and history of the church. Pentecostalism, in particular, finds its expression in a deluge of multi-cultural indigenous regions and people groups around the world. Antipas Harris has identified some specific cultural challenges within the context of pentecostal-type churches in what is called the global South. His goal is to assist these churches to engage in critical evaluation of the theological issues regarding cultural and social issues which are contrary to the liberating message of the Gospel and wrestle with biblical hermeneutics to inform their theological doctrines and practices. Harris proffers his examination of these theological issues within the context of practical theology, as well as the wider African-American theological scholarship. The aim of re-envisioning a pentecostal-type independent ecclesiology as his subtitle aptly states, is certainly a timely and daunting task in light of the fact that pentecostal-type churches are so diverse in nature. However, that being said, Harris narrows the issues to some specific cultural and theological frameworks. Read the rest of this entry »