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“At Least He’s Not Gay!”

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 by Marc Santom

A few weeks ago, America caught wind of a rather familiar story—another televangelist had been caught having an adulterous affair. Reverend Marcus Lamb, of the Daystar Christian TV Network, came clean to his global audience, confessing that he cheated on his wife & co-host, Joni, with another woman a few years earlier.

DayStar TV's Marcus Lamb

What makes this story even more interesting is that the timing of Rev. Lamb’s recent confession seemed to coincide with the timing of three alleged extortionists’ recent attempt to squeeze $7.5 million out of Lamb’s ministry. As long as the preacher paid up, these three would shut up about his affair. At the end of the day, Rev. Lamb “refused to use God’s money” to pay off the extortionists and decided to come clean instead.

But what really arrested my attention in this story was a statement made by Rev. Lamb’s marriage counselor, Fred Kendall. When asked to comment on Lamb’s affair, this is what he had to say to the Daystar CTV Network audience:

“He had one inappropriate period of misbehavior–with one person. And it wasn’t a man and it wasn’t a transvestite. It was with a woman—and she was a Christian woman.”

Well, that’s a relief! At least it was a Christian woman….and at least it wasn’t an affair with a gay man or cross dresser. For real, Mr. Kendall? That’s your comment to the world? You sound less like a marriage counselor and more like a politician’s press secretary trying to spin the facts to make your boss look good.

Not only does Mr. Kendall smugly mitigate the seriousness of this grievous act by drawing obvious comparisons to the fall of former evangelical heavyweight, Ted Haggard (which is quite the loving and respectful thing to do to a penitent brother in the Lord, don’t you think?), but he echoes an outrageous notion that is found in many evangelical circles. And here’s the notion: that heterosexual sin is somehow more acceptable in God’s eyes than homosexual sin.

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The Woman on the Roof

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 by James Flynn

This week’s news contains disturbing news of another potential scandal in the making involving a large church, a powerful ministry, and the lives of several young men who claim to be victims.  I won’t even mention names, because as is often the case, the individual is being tried in the court of popular media and opinion before all facts are known.  Several facts are clear.  We are fallible human beings that sometimes seem hopelessly broken.  People love to revel in hypocrisy and rub our Christian noses in it when they even get a hint we might deserve it.  We as Christians need to trust God for wisdom and mercy to keep our business straight because the world is very willing to give us a hand doing so!

Christians claim to have what the world is desperately seeking.  That makes them jealous sometime.  Because of our faith we understand that life is infused with meaning and purpose, and that each of us has a specific reason to live.  We are not just another species of animal placed on the earth to live, breathe, eat, and die.  The Master Architect has designed us for his purpose and if we chose to seek Him, He will reveal that purpose piece by piece throughout our lives (Isa. 46:9, 10).  This allows us to live a life of purpose and meaning, which so many are seeking.  One of the biggest dangers to realizing our full purpose and potential is that we will get distracted.

David had it all.  He had the good looks (1 Sam. 16:12).  He was young and courageous, able to defeat giants that left others trembling (1 Sam. 17:37).  He had friends in high places (1 Sam. 18:1), married the king’s daughter (1 Sam. 18:22), and had a very successful military career.  He was a “man after God’s own heart” and became the king of Israel.  Life was not always easy, but he had it pretty good until one day he got distracted.  It was the woman on the roof.

David was awake one evening and took a stroll on the roof top of his palace residence on top of Mt. Zion (1 Sam 11:1-17).  He could see the other roof tops from his vantage point and saw something beautiful that caught his attention – the figure of a woman bathing at night in the privacy of her own roof top residence.  He was taken by her beauty—he had to have her though she was the wife of another.  This desire led to adultery and murder.  It led to the death of an innocent child conceived by his lover and problems in his household that would never depart though out his lifetime (1 Sam. 12:9-16).  All this because David was distracted in a moment of weakness. Read the rest of this entry »