Letters to a Pentecostal Scholar

Letters to a Pentecostal Scholar is a series of emails to a fictitious young Pentecostal who is entering the stage of academic scholarship. Written by Wolfgang Vondey, the author examines the hopes and aspirations of Pentecostal scholarship, the challenges and stereotypes, and the struggles among those who engage the life of the academy as Pentecostals. Topics range from the history of Pentecostal scholarship to Pentecostal pedagogy, the nature of anti-intellectualism among Pentecostals, and the progressive nature of the Pentecostal academy, the emergence and structure of the Society for Pentecostal Studies, Pentecostalism and the sciences, and many other issues.

The letters are numbered in succession and can be found at this link to the category or by selecting  the category “Letters to a Pentecostal Scholar” from the drop-down box in the menu on the right.

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