Does Evangelicalism Have a Future?

Does Evangelicalism Have a Future is a series of extended posts written by Amos Yong, first commissioned by Harold Heie for Dr. Yong will upload one post around the first of each month, starting May 1, 2013, through around November 1, 2013.

His posts on will be one of a dozen or so evangelical scholars, followed by commissioned responses, and you can follow the discussion on that site to engage in the wider conversation. He has also decided – and received permission – to post these blogs on our Renewal Dynamics site since most of his responses will be informed by and engage renewal perspectives which are central to the discussion in this venue. He encourages readers of the Renewal Dynamics blog to take up the conversation in either forum, although he also urges that specifically renewalist-related remarks and responses be registered especially below. Welcome to, enjoy, and enter into the discussion.

The series consists of seven or more posts that can be found at this link to the category or by selecting  the category “Does Evangelicalism Have a Future” from the drop-down box in the menu on the right.

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