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Coleridge, the Charismatic (Mystic), and the Call to Learn

Thursday, September 12th, 2013 by Dale M. Coulter

220px-SamuelTaylorColeridgeThe charismatic movement has pushed the envelope on private revelations much more than classical Pentecostals did. Through espousing forms of private revelation like a word from the Lord, a prophecy, a “picture” (to use the British designation), a vision, etc., the charismatic movement has taken mysticism into mainstream Christianity.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrestled with the challenge of these forms of Christianity. He identified a central problem for mystics of all stripes (including charismatics) and then pointed toward education as part of the solution. Christians are called to learn because they are called to explain the message they have received.

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How to Alleviate an Uneasy Evangelical Conscience

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013 by Dale M. Coulter

right-and-wrong-decisionsIn 1947 the famous defender of Evangelicalism Carl F. H. Henry took on his own movement. Toward the end of the 1940s Henry and others were feeling a little uneasy about what Henry called the “evaporation of fundamentalist humanitarianism.”

What he meant was a genuine reluctance on the part of Fundamentalists like John R. Rice and Bob Jones, Sr. to come to grips with the social evils of the day as the revivalist tradition had done in the nineteenth century.

Henry recounts asking one-hundred pastors, “how many of you, during the past six months, have preached a sermon devoted in large part to a condemnation of such social evils as aggressive warfare, racial hatred and intolerance, the liquor traffic, exploitation of labor or management or the like–a sermon containing not merely an incidental or illustrative reference, but directed mainly against such evils and proposing the framework in which you think the solution is possible?”

The response? None.

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Evangelicals and Ethics: Renewing Evangelical Morality

Sunday, September 1st, 2013 by Amos Yong

person on arrow (3-way)Throughout my reflections so far, I have sought to think through the issues from a renewalist perspective informed by pentecostal and charismatic experience and spirituality. As I take up our topic today, however, such an approach does not seem to provide as many springboards into the discussion as it has heretofore. What difference does a renewalist set of commitments make for thinking about evangelical ethics and morality? Read the rest of this entry »