Retrieving the Past, Forging the Future of Renewal Studies

By: Dale M. Coulter
Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Here at Regent School of Divinity our aim is to cultivate a brand of scholarship that consciously interacts with or draws from issues related to the global pentecostal-charismatic movement. We call what we do Renewal studies because we are interested in exploring all dimensions of renewal as a historical, social scientific, and theological phenomenon.

To focus on renewal as a method does not limit us to the study of global pentecostalism because renewal encompasses a broad array of historical phenomena including populist movements, spirituality, periods of renaissance, etc. For more on renewal and what we do at the Regent School of Divinity, go here.

To that end, here are the latest explorations from our faculty.

If you are perplexed about pentecostalism in general, interested in its ecumenical commitments, or some of its recent theological contributions, check out the following by Wolfgang Vondey:

If you want to explore holiness of life and its relationship to broader social concerns, check out Antipas Harris’s new book

If you want to explore social scientific and interdisciplinary approaches that touch on issues across the disciplines, check out Amos Yong’s and Kim Alexander’s new books:

If you want to explore the Apostle Paul’s relationship to the miraculous, check out Graham Twelftree’s new book:

Finally, for those interested in Spanish and Portuguese publications, check out the new translations of Vinson Synan’s works:

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Dale M. Coulter
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