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Science and the Spirit: A Pentecostal Engagement with the Sciences

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 by Candace Laughinghouse

James K. A. Smith and Amos Yong (eds.), Science and the Spirit: A Pentecostal Engagement with the Sciences. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2010.

In the past, intellectual discussions have either tried to construct a dominant theory or remove individuality and nest all contributions into one box. In Science and the Spirit, the discussion of science and religion is expanded to include the contributions of Pentecostals. In its introduction, the question is posed: “What would be unique about a distinctively Pentecostal foray into the science/theology dialogue?” Can Pentecostals contribute to the discussion? Or will Pentecostals and their reliance upon an unscientific representation of God – the Holy Spirit – widen the divide between science and theology? The primary purpose of the book is to speak affirmatively to Pentecostal students and scholars in various scientific disciplines. The book is put forward with the belief that Pentecostals will benefit from this text and increase the chances of raising Pentecostal contributions to the science and theology dialogue. Read the rest of this entry »